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spring-flex question.

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I have a questions regarding spring-flex framework.

I have spring-flex-core in my maven dependencies but I just found that the project has more 3 jars:
spring-flex/                     03-Oct-2014 18:21    -
spring-flex-core/              03-Oct-2014 18:21    -
spring-flex-hibernate3/    03-Oct-2014 18:21    -
spring-flex-hibernate4/     03-Oct-2014 18:21    -
spring-flex-parent/           03-Oct-2014 18:21    -

should I keep using "spring-flex-core" instead instead of "spring-flex"?

I am using hibernate in my project. Do I have advantages if I change to "spring-flex-hibernate4"?

and what about the others?

thank you very much in advance!