spark.components.TextArea not working properly

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spark.components.TextArea not working properly

Doucette, Charles

In our full iOS application (built with the AIR SDK), our use of spark.components.TextArea is preventing certain characters from being echoed (i.e. numbers).

I attempted to build a simple application with a TextArea component, and it works fine with Adobe FLEX 4.6 SDK w/ AIR 31.

With Apache Flex 4.16.1 (and AIR 31), the view does not render.

I am left with some questions:

  1. Might this be an issue with the FLEX SDK (vs. the AIR SDK)? Given that assumption, I went ahead and filed a FLEX SDK bug:
  2. If I just need a working version of the FLEX SDK, can I just bundle an old version of the FLEX w/ a new version of the AIR SDK? My sample app wasn’t working with that configuration (no view shown), and my full application wasn’t building (compile errors with missing or incompatible spark components etc.).
  3. Aren’t there other alternatives to TextArea that I could use, perhaps these:
    1. mx.controls.TextArea:
    2. fl.controls.TextArea:



Chuck Doucette


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