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adt signing issue

Using macOS and signing with eToken. Was working before I upgraded to os x
10.14 as this broke the PKSC11 signing.
Installed an updated driver for SafeNet and the keytool is working again.
However when I try to sign using adt I get the following:

adt -sign -storetype PKCS11 -providerName SunPKCS11-eToken -storepass XXXXX
-tsa -target air
APP.airi APP.air

unexpected failure: Unable to create signature. Unable to create signature.
    at com.adobe.ucf.UCFOutputStream.finalizeSig(
    at com.adobe.air.AIROutputStream.finalizeSig(
    at com.adobe.air.ADT.parseArgsAndGo(
    at com.adobe.air.ADT.main(

Using keytool I get:

 keytool -list -keystore NONE -storetype PKCS11 -providerclass -providerArg eToken.cfg

Enter keystore password:
Keystore type: PKCS11
Keystore provider: SunPKCS11-eToken

Your keystore contains 1 entry

xxxxxxxxxx, PrivateKeyEntry,
Certificate fingerprint (SHA-256): xxxxxxxx

Any ideas on how to proceed?

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