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VideoPlayer not playing

Hans Nuecke

I noticed that video with <VideoPlayer> does not play in air32 unless
this setting is included:
"OSMFSettings.enableStageVideo = false;"

Otherwise I get a black screen. But audio is playing, what tells me that
the file was loaded successfully.

The latest AIR33 SDK of Harman not even starts playing; but does show
the first frame.
The playhead does not move and no "CURRENT_TIME_CHANGE" events are
dispatched, despite mediaPlayerState telling me "playing".

It is possible, though, to move the playhead manually (seek). And the
actual frame changes to that one of the "seeked" frame. But the movie
does not play/advance at all.

Does anybody have any ideas on how I probably could solve this "problem"?

I'm not doing anything special; just setting:

OSMFSettings.enableStageVideo = false;
addEventListener(TimeEvent.CURRENT_TIME_CHANGE, timeChangeHandler)
autoPlay = false;
source = _moviePath;

And on the spark side:
             <s:VideoPlayer id="videoPreviewPlayer"
                            width="100%" height="100%"

Thanks and regards; stay healthy and enjoy Easter time at home ;-)!



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