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Peter Ent-2

I've pushed a new component for the Basic package: TreeGrid. This component is a hybrid of Tree and DataGrid. TreeGrid uses a Hierarchical data provider and displays a Tree in the first column; the other columns display additional fields from the records.

You can use TreeGrid like this:

        <js:ConstantBinding sourceID="applicationModel" sourcePropertyName="gridData" destinationPropertyName="dataProvider" />
        <js:TreeGridColumn dataField="title" label="Title" columnWidth="200" />
        <js:TreeGridColumn dataField="status" label="Status" columnWidth="125" />
        <js:TreeGridColumn dataField="hours" label="Hours" columnWidth="125" />

You can look at the TreeExample that comes with Royale for a working example.  This is a first-pass at TreeGrid. Has its own beads: TreeGridView, TreeGridModel, and TreeGridLayout.

Peter Ent
Adobe Systems/Apache Royale Project