Moonshine IDE 1.16.0 Released with big update!

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Moonshine IDE 1.16.0 Released with big update!

Hello Flex Community,

Moonshine 1.16.0 has been released with big update!

You can download it from our website and App

Report any bugs or feature requests on our GitHub project:

- Visual Editor: Added Organizer to allow users to view the structure of
the mockup and change the order or nesting of the components.
- Visual Editor PrimeFaces: Added components calendar, textEditor,
selectOneRadio, selectOneMenu and selectOneListbox.
- Visual Editor PrimeFaces: Added instant preview for project files in the
- Visual Editor PrimeFaces: Added CDATA information to property panel if
provided through component.
- Visual Editor PrimeFaces: Added Undo/Redo on Copy/Paste.
- Java: Initial support for Java language project types, including code
intelligence features.
- Added Apache Maven support.
- Code Generation: In ActionScript and MXML, generate a getter and setter,
a local variable, a member variable, or a method. When a quick fix is
available at the current position in the editor, a light bulb icon will
- New File: Added code completion for Superclass and Interfaces.
- File association support for known file types.
- Copying of files and folders from inside or outside of Moonshine, to the
project sidebar.
- Go to Definition: Added feature to go to definitions that are defined in
SWC files. This will open a temporary, read-only file that displays the
public API.
- Workspace Symbols: Classes and interfaces defined in SWC files now appear
in search results.
- Go to Type Definition: New menu command to go to the definition of a
variable or property's type.
- Project Run Settings: Added new field in Project > Settings > Run to
allow launching a browser project with a custom URL. This allows the user
to open a server URL instead of a file path.
- Open projects in Moonshine by double clicking on the project files
(.as3proj and .veditorproj).
- Open/Import Moonshine projects from ZIP archives.
- Project Tree: Allow multiple files to be selected at once to support bulk
copy or delete options

- Updated as3mxml[1][2] engine to version 0.17.2.

Bug fixes and improvements. More in release notes:



Piotr Zarzycki

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