[FlexJS] FlexJS Summit at ApacheCon NA 2017 in Miami

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[FlexJS] FlexJS Summit at ApacheCon NA 2017 in Miami

Christofer Dutz
Hi guys,

As you might have noticed, we are having our first FlexJS Summit at this year’s ApacheCon in Miami.

Link to the Event: http://us.apacheflexjs.org/

We are planning on making this a big thing, where all the core developers of FlexJS and people interested in FlexJS come together, meet, discuss and work on the future of FlexJS.

I would like to take the chance and advertise “Apache Travel Assistance”. We want you to come to ApacheCon and think that not being able to afford the trip should not be a reason not to do so. Apache TAC therefore offers people the chance to travel there with all expenses paid by Apache.

See details here: https://www.apache.org/travel/

I did my first ApacheCon trip via TAC, because my employer then didn’t want to support me at all to going to Denver … It was a fascinating experience and I have grown addicted to Apache ever since. I know others here have done the same, so don’t think it’s something just for others.

Would be great to see you guys in person in Miami.