[FlexJS] Debugging setup with Flashbuilder and JS output

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[FlexJS] Debugging setup with Flashbuilder and JS output

Nicolas Granon
I have a hard time finding the (up-to-date) documentation for setting up
debugging with FlashBuilder (4.7, Windows) using JS output.


Debugging the SWF output works fine (with FF).


I have read the information at
sh+Builder but there is no indication on how to debug the source AS code
with the JS version (It only talks about debugging the js code in the
browser, not the AS code from FB).


What I want is putting breakpoints in the IDE (in the AS code) and have the
js code link back (with a map, I presume ? but I cannot find any map output
in the js folders) the same way it does when debugging the SWF.


Obviously, there must be some communication between the JS engine inside the
browser and the IDE (like there is a communication between the Flash player
and the IDE). How do you establish that communication ?

(I use Firefox but have no problem switching to Chrome if necessary).


Can someone point me to the right direction ?


Many thanks