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CFBundleDisplayName in app descriptor

Erik J. Thomas
Hey all:

When creating a new app on Apple's App Store Connect the app title must be globally unique which caused us to create a longer name that wasn't taken.

This results in our app name being truncated with ellipses beneath the app icon on the device desktop.

We want to set a shorter name that will display beneath the icon, and Apple supports just that by simply setting this element in Info.plist:


But Adobe designed the AIR SDK (specifically ADT) to prevent us from defining this element in the application.iPhone.InfoAdditions section of the application descriptor file for iOS. This is documented on this page:

I tried anyway, and ADT threw this fatal error:

"error 105: application.iPhone.InfoAdditions contains an invalid value"

This seems like a pretty big miss on Adobe's part not to support this in ADT.

Just seems this should be supported in InfoAdditions. I wonder why Adobe didn't do this. Perhaps Harman will listen and fix ADT. I'm trying to figure out how to submit this to Harman.

I know it seems like a tiny issue, but we've created dozens of apps in the past several years, and finding unique names on App Store Connect that aren't taken and don't truncate on the desktop is a very real issue for us. We have written scripts to unzip, update Info.plist, and zip/sign before but this shouldn't be so difficult.