Apache Royale AMF Update and Small Messages

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Apache Royale AMF Update and Small Messages

Carlos Rovira-2

just to report that we tested latest AMF updates from Greg in our real
Apache Royale app and all is working great :)

Additionally we was able to turn on small messages again in Blazeds and all
workflows are working good. So this means that for me we have a real 100%
port of AMF and RemoteObject right now in Apache Royale. A part from this
now XML is supported, I never used before with AMF, but I think this wasn't
in flex, so maybe we have a better implementation now ;). I know Greg has
more things in mind like Vector and Dictionary support what would mean an
even more better implementation :).

I think now others with AMF backends could try to use MXRoyale RemoteObject
and see if they get it working. Hopefully this should mean more
possibilities to people that are thinking on migrating from Apache Flex to
Apache Royale.

Thanks to Greg for the great effort! :)

Carlos Rovira